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VOLVOX Clay Decor Paint - the difference

VOLVOX Clay Décor is more than just a Natural Wall Paint; it marks a new generation of high-tech chemistry for safer Natural Paints.


With no primer coat required and a hiding power of 99.5%, yes! you could just about get away with a one coat treatment.

It allows air to pass through it, up to 99%; walls can breath. Moisture is not trapped behind an impermeable surface, therefore minimising the potential for damp walls and the growth of mould.

By European standards, it is a top quality paint and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel. An accreditation only awarded to goods that meet the highest performance criteria in Europe.


It is colourful; with over 126 contemporary colours selected by Europe’s leading colour consultants. Or you could select your own colour in the natural colour system.

Clay is special; its fine particles reflect light and colours from its surroundings.

Today you can find VOLVOX Clay Décor paint in places like the first class lounge of airlines, show rooms for Mercedes cars and entrance-halls that adorn prestige apartment buildings in Hong Kong.


High humidity in living spaces is fertile ground for moulds and other toxins. Fortunately, Clay Décor brings the absorbing power of clay into our rooms. One gram of clay has a surface of 900 square metres and can absorb mositure accordingly. This enables Clay Décor to help regulate humidity in a room.

It has been known for many years that clay has healing power when taken medically, as it can help absorb and bind toxic substances in the body. On your walls and ceilings it can help do the same. It also helps to eliminate odour. When VOLVOX recently visited a Yoga studio that was painted with Clay Décor which some years ago experienced problems with bad odour from perspiration. Now, there is no unpleasant smell in the studio.


Clay Décor is the ideal paint for regulating humidity & moisture in building construction. As most builders would know; moisture in construction is enemy No1. For example, in central Europe, some 600 year old stud frame buildings were restored. These old buildings had their old clay walls removed and replaced with cement blocks which were then painted with a traditional modern paint to seal the surface. As a result, the buildings collapsed after a few years because the supportive timber got wet and disintegrated. Today in Europe, old wooden frame buildings are generally renovated with clay and clay paint.

VOLVOX Clay Décor was developed for the modern clay/earth building industry. As clay/earth walls should retain the thermal, room climate regulating and toxin eliminating function, walls and ceilings should have a protective paint that does not solidify or seal the minerals in the building material. These important characteristics of VOLVOX Clay Décor also make it an ideal paint for traditional gyprock, brick and cement rendered surfaces.


For many years VOLVOX supported and promoted "Natural Paints" made from natural non-toxic raw materials, ideally sourced from renewable organic material. Like most natural paint manufacturers, the focus was what went into the paint. While this still very important, today VOLVOX is accepting the new standards for the paint industry, especially in countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol. Consequently it is becoming more important to investigate what comes out of the paint when it is applied on the finished surface. Harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from solvents are now an issue.

So why is VOLVOX different from “conventional” and other “natural paints”? Typically, the chemical process in paints is only completed when the wet product is painted on the finished surface and the action of air and light occurs. This means the painter and occupants endure the final chemical process, often called off-gassing. This is why VOLVOX developed the proAqua paint range, which includes an exterior and interior grade wood varnishes and enamel paints. With VOLVOX proAqua, the chemical process occurs during the manufacturing process not in your home or business area. VOLVOX uses water to transport proAqua to the finished surface; as the water evaporates proAqua collapses and glues on; with no off-gassing. As an added bonus proAqua dries fast and can be re-coated usually within an hour. In Japan, proAqua got the best and highest rating for quality and performance of 4 Stars.

Information Source: Reported notes of a presentation by Mr Hans Willi Babka, General Manager & Chief Chemist ecotec Naturfarben GmbH, during his visit to Colours By Nature, Australia, May 2008.

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