Volvox Natural Products

COLOURS by Nature is proud to be part of the Volvox team as an authorised supplier and product experts across Australia and New Zealand.

Volvox has a collection of paints, stains and waxes that are made primarily from naturally-derived raw materials including citrus peel extracts, essential oils, seed oils, tree resins, inert mineral fillers, tree and bee waxes, lead-free dryers and natural pigments.

With Volvox products you no longer have to wonder what combinations of synthetic chemicals generate the puzzling, all-too-familiar smells that come from household products. It’s also nice to know that the Volvox product range is largely VOC-free and water based.

The mild fragrance that is unique to Plant Based Paint products will enhance your painting, finishing, and cleaning activities, and help to create a serene environment at your home, business, or school.

The Volvox water based colour range for interior and exterior painting is impressive, so why not try VOLVOX next time you paint.