Volvox TDS & MSDS Data Sheets

Volvox Technical (TDS) and Material Safety (MSDS) Data Sheets provide a detailed technical and safety data for all its stain, wax and paint products. This data sheet, directly provided by the supplier, contains an extensive information report of the raw material handled by Volvox. Volvox uses its TDS Sheet for an early evaluation of its products. The TDS Sheet is approved weeks before carrying out any tests of the material. All materials supplied from Volvox shall have a TDS and MSDS sheet irrespective of the product size, colour or capacity. If you need any information feel free to call us at 0427180776 or fill up our online contact form and we will get in touch with you.

Clay Décor Wall Paint – Interior

Dispersion Paint

Floor Sealer – Interior

Hard Oil – Interior

Hard Oil Wax Finish – Interior

High Solid Hard Oil Finish – Interior

Lasure Binder – Interior

Liquid Wax Finish- Interior

Oil & Wax Remover- Interior/Exterior

ProAqua Enamel- Interior/Exterior

ProAqua Wood Finish – Interior/Exterior

Refresher Interior/Exterior

Timber Deck Finish- Exterior

Wood Oil – Interior

Wood Soap – Interior/Exterior