From all purpose toilet cleaner to varnish gloss to oils and paints, Colours by Nature offers non-toxic, eco-friendly products. Our products are allergen-free with no harmful toxic fumes and are a perfect combination of effectiveness and convenience.

Our all purpose & toilet cleaner is perfect for all those tough stains, grime and germs in the house. It can be used for clean stainless steel surfaces and ceramic surfaces such as basins, toilet or bathrooms. Our BIO Antique Wax is a combination of different oils and natural waxes, making it ideal for sealing surfaces. For fine restoration work, we have BIO All Purpose Varnish, suitable for all interior timber surfaces. Now coming to our traditional oil-based enamel paints, they don’t contain any resins, toxic solvents, or heavy metals. They provide protection for steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

So in short, this is not about reducing carbon input and sustainability, it is also about providing an environmentally friendly product which is safe for people right now as well as in the future.

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