Bio Tinted To Volvox Stone Green Wall & Ceiling Paint 250mls



BIO Wall Paint is a matt interior paint based on natural and non toxic ingredients. It has a pleasant smell and is available in a range of harmonious colours. Bio Wall Paint breathes which will not promote mould growth. It is suited for schools, restaurants, offices and public buildings with heavy traffic areas. Extreme low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) less than 1 gr. Per Litre and does not contribute to smog and pollution. It contains no lead, glycol derivates, aromatic hydrocarbons or styrene compounds.


Use on interior surfaces such as plasterboard, solid plaster, concrete and mud brick. It is not recommended for use on timber or on timber products such as medium density fibro board, amazonite or particleboard. BIO Wall Paint is suitable for use in wet areas.


Castor oil, resins, lemon oil, aluminum silicate, white earth pigments, china clay, iron oxides, metal pigments, earth pigments, calcium carbonate cellulose, mineral oil, borax, water, lecithin, etc., free of cadmium, chromates and lead chromates.


1 Litre will cover approximately 8-10 sqm. On concrete and rough surfaces 1 Litre covers approximately 3-5 sqm.

Container Size

250 mls

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Architraves / Doors / Skirtings and Windows Internal


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