Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What product do I use where?

Answer: Check out Colours By Nature What for What for where to use our products.


Question: What oils are considered food safe for woodturning?

Answer: All Bio products (excluding BIO Teak Oil),Livos Products and Volvox products are made using food grade quality ingredients, not industrial grade and are therefore food safe.

Question: Which waxes are suitable for woodturning?

Answer: Bio Antique wax and Bio Hard Floor Wax are both suitable. Livos Bivos is also suitable.  Volvox Hard Oil Wax will also give a nice finish.

Question: Can glossy finishes on furniture be dulled down?

Answer: Two choices apply here you can apply Bio Antique Wax on top of a shellac coat or use a maroon pad or soft sanding paper over the finished product to produce a duller coat.

Question: What can be used as high speed turning oil?

Answer: Bio Priming Oil and Bio Natural Wood Oil are both suitable to for this task as is Livos Kunos Oil.    Volvox Hard Oil Wax Finish can also be used for high speed turning.


Question: Is Livos Trena natural cleaner pH Neutral?

Answer: Yes, Trena is formulated to be pH neutral so that it can be used on any surface without stripping oil (wood surfaces) or causing other damage.


We accept both VISA and MASTERCARD.  Once you place an order you will be able to pay online using EWAY.    We also accept orders directly over the phone.

Note:   It is always recommended that the product you choose is tested on a similar surface before complete application so that the result is known before using any product on the final piece.


These directions are the result of long years of research and practical testing. They are backed by our most current expert information. New findings may invalidate this information. This FAQ’s page is meant to serve as instruction ONLY and you are advised to seek your own professional advice.