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Colour Charts

Click on the product/colour of your choice If there is a particular colour you require, Colours by Nature can match most commercial colours using our natural paints and natural pigments. Likewise place the colour in the search button above and see whether it has already been matched. If you are unable to find the selected colour then please feel free to contact us.

Volvox-logo.pngVOLVOX Pigments tint VOLVOX Clay decor range of paints. For interior or mild exterior use

Volvox pigments comes in standard or pre-mixed colours.

The Beautiful Colour Collection is a complete handmade and hand painted booklet of swatches. We also match most commercial colours using our natural paints and natural pigments.


CBN-Vox-colourchart.jpg VOX-10-Espressivo.jpg

The Beautiful Colour Collection

Colour Me Red

Earth Grown

Life’s a Beach

Living Forest

Mediterranean Sun

Ocean Breeze

Shades of Vogue

Sand and Clay

Tuscan Life

The Special Clay Collection

Art Noveau

Baltic Sea

Childhood Dream

Dynamic Energy

Etheric Power

Spring (Fruhling 11)


BIO Product pigments are richly coloured pigments that can be used to tint BIO enamel paints as well as BIO wall and ceiling paints.

They have also been used to successfully tint Volvox Clay Décor paint.

BIO Wood Varnish Coloured BIO Oil Based Enamel Lacquer Coloured BIO Water Based Colour Pigments

For interior and exterior use.

Colours can be intermixed.

Comes in Redwood, Pine, Mahogany, Green, Grey, Teak, Ebony, Black, Red, Walnut, Oak & White. Special colours available on request.

Already coloured, comes in white satin, white gloss or pre-mixed colours that can be inter-mixed.

For interior use.

Tint BIO Wall and Ceiling paint (water based).

Use undiluted/less diluted for feature walls etc.

Tint BIO Aqua enamel lacquer paints.

Note: The pigment is not paint in itself and ratio limits do apply. Refer to BIO Wall Paint information page. BIO factory tinting is available for larger orders – enquires welcome.


LIVOS ALIS Decking Oil Teak, Bankirai, Larch, Douglas pine, Cedar. For exterior use only. For first treatment and maintenance.


Transparent Wood Stain

Interior and exterior wood surfaces. Suitable for OSB and MDF-boards. Not suitable for balcony floors or other high traffic areas.
LIVOS KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer
LIVOS KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer

Tint LIVOS Wall and Ceiling paint

Use undiluted for artworks/feature walls.

For interior use.

LIVOS VINDO Natural Gloss Paint Interior and exterior application on wood and metal, after pre-treatment of the surface with LIVOS products. Suitable for radiators. Not suitable for floors.
LIVOS URA Pigments Selection of a range of pigments
LIVOS GORGO Concrete Paint Pigment For tinting Gorgo concrete paint.