What do you need to paint?

Natural Paints and Oils Suppliers Australia

COLOURS BY NATURE hold a comprehensive range of Natural paints and oils from highly reputable specialist manufacturers BIO, LIVOS and VOLVOX – companies that have developed a solid reputation for quality finishes that are genuinely safe and kind to the environment as only natural ingredients – organic where possible- are used in their manufacture. They are completely free of petrochemical by-products.

Colour pigments are derived from naturally occurring substances such as earth and metal. Colours by Nature can match most commercial colours using our natural paints and pigments. The amazing range of colours available can be viewed on our Colour Charts. Please first search the desired colour to see if we have already matched that particular colour. Contact us if the required colour is not found or if you require assistance.

Sound Environmental Credentials: Unlike certain finishes that claim to be “green” but are in fact petrochemical-based, the paints and oils Colours by Nature stock have sound environmental credentials as they are manufactured from materials such as linseed oil and other plant oils; plant-based resins; essential oils such as citrus-peel oil; asbestos-free talc; china clay; iron oxides and carnauba wax.